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Mattia Zerbinati

Mattia Zerbinati is a filmmaker born in Milan, in 1989. Since he was young, he had curiosity and affinity for technology, he spent a lot of time to discover pro software like photoshop, final cut, premiere, after effect and more others. This passion bring him to approach the world of photography and filmmaking, choosing creative arts school in Vicenza. Life dots aren’t always understandable. He worked some years in Apple until the day he decided to leave his job and start a new life chapter following his passion. “connect the dots” someone said, thanks to this experience he increase his skill about the image communication developing a personal touch in photographic composition and camera movement. He started from underground music scene collaborating with different artists like Salmo, Ghali, Chadia Rodriguez, Inoki, Hindaco, El Chapo jr., Laioung and more and at the same time working with brand like Puma, Twiga, Alcatraz Milano, Vision of super and others. During this period, he has developed photographic skills and filming expertise until the entry in Mandala Creative Productions that produced new opportunity like Armani, Hugo Boss, Stone Island and more.