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Stefania Paparelli
Stefania Paparelli

Stefania Paparelli is a Fashion Photographer born in Rome. After graduating high school and a long experience traveling and working through out Europe, first in the UK and afterwards in France, she is now based in Sardinia, with her family, commuting between Sardinia and the rest of the world. Pioneer of a fairytale style, an all-female journey, pastel colors and meditterean scents, where the accent is placed on the dress, she has conquered the most glossy pages of the globe.
In 2002, just thirty years old she debuts, during the week of photography in Paris with her first exhibition Intimo directed by Flavio Nervegna.
In 2005 she is selected to participate in the important exhibition in Milan (Lo Sguardo Italiano, fotografie di moda dal 1951 a oggi) at Maxxi Roma.
In 2006 she is one of the 9 photographers in the exhibition «9×100: Nove fotografi per Cento Fotografie» at Galleria Santa Cecilia, organized by Maria Evangelisti over the fifth edition of «Fotografia».
In 2017, Stefania rises to an unprecedented role of gallery art director and contributor to a total new projet of photogallery in the town of Cagliari (Sardinia) «Donne Concept Gallery».
The project has the goal of creating a place for cultural exchanges in photography, fashion, and visual arts, and to bring the scenarios of Cagliari and Sardinia under the spotlight of international photograpy. A large part of her work from analogic to digital, has been exposed in: The Light Player.
In 2018 she takes part to the commercial exhibition «Back to Piazza»: along with 3 other photographers – Rosi Di Stefano, Claudia Pasanisi e Valentina Sommariva – she has interpreted the style of Piazza Sempione in four shootings set in the square from which the brand has departed.
Stefania works worldwide for prestigious fashion magazines (such as Vanity Fair, Elle , Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, Gioia, Jalouse, L’Officiel, The Sunday Times, to name a few) and commercial brands. Photo editor FROM 2015 TO 2019 for special projects at RedMilk, a magazine of fashion, news, music and culture, Stefania demontrates professional and artistic eclecticism. Curiosity, Love, Focus, Positivity!