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Masano Kawana
Masano Kawana is an accomplished Architectural and Commercial Photographer with a penchant for clean, modern aesthetics. Born in Japan, he moved to New Zealand in 1986 and began his professional photography journey shortly after, focusing on still-life, food, and landscape photography. member of AIPA. Masano’s traveled as a location scout for international TVC film production took him to every corner of New Zealand, where he picked up tips from top DOP on location shoots. In 1998, he moved to Singapore and began to travel and surf throughout the Asia Pacific region, photographing a wide variety of subjects.
Over the years, Masano has worked on assignments worldwide with clients from various industries, including advertising, hospitality, architecture, and interior design firms, helping them turn their visions into realities. He has established himself as a sought-after photographer, creative brand leader,  an expert in his field, and one of the most exciting photographers working in Asia today.
Masano’s book, “Shunju New Japanese Cuisine,” won the James Beard Award for best cookbook photography in New York, a testament to his dedication and excellence as a photographer. With his unique style and approach, Masano continues to be a prominent figure in the photography industry, inspiring aspiring photographers and enthusiasts alike.