In 1986 Roberto Luzzitelli and Laura Danieli founded Luzzitelli Danieli Productions, starting their journey in the world of advertising photography quickly becoming one of the national leaders in the sector with a portfolio of images that are always very different, from people to still-life, from food & beverage. All the images have a refined taste accompanied by a great creative and executive quality aimed at enhancing the product and emphasizing the excellence of the brand.

The transition from analog to digital photography has given the studio a new creative tool: the post-production. Since 1990 Luzzitelli Danieli Productions has an internal post-production department that defines all the images in real time and allows the client, who wishes to take part of the shooting, to feel an overall view of the whole phases of the project.

Despite the great experience gained in the field of advertising photography, in-depth study and experimentation remain at the base of the creative activity of Roberto and Laura who, day after day, are searching for a new way to communicate through their images. The new frontier is certainly 3d Cgi, animation and video on which Laura and Roberto have invested great energy and have as many expectations. The inclusion of Francesco Luzzitelli in the team has made this possible with a great enthusiasm for not having limits imposed by the real world.