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Mary Devinat

My name is Mary Devinat and I’m a food and lifestyle photographer based in Paris. After growing up visiting Parisian museums and then studying art history at La Sorbonne, I launched into food photography. My passion for the world of gastronomy shared with my family and for art were one.
I went to live and work in the US for 2 years. This experience allowed me to open up the possibilities of my work and create visuals for large groups like Conagra and Nestle US. Since 2021, I have been back in France in Paris, in my pretty hometown where I work hard for my clients. Whether it’s restaurants, chefs, food brands, I’m keen to create impactful photos. I only see food through color, textures and light. For me, these are the elements to highlight the most in food photography. Above all, it’s what we’re going to eat that we want to see. My sense of minimalism allows me to work on the small details that will change the photo into a moment of indulgence.