Are you looking for a Full Service Production company for stills and motions production all over Italy and abroad?

Contact us at info@mandalacp.it or call 02 36635750

Then let us provide you with professional and specialized crew. Mandala Creative Productions represents Photographers in Milan and works from budgets handling to contract negotiations, from location scouting to casting and art buying, Mandala is an international photo agency that can offer a full service for stills and motion productions, than a production service for photo shoots and video all over Italy and abroad. And much more! Just let us deal with authorizations, permits and insurance on set, with worlwide travel reservations and accomodations, with carnets and visas applications, and with car service and trasportation. Then let us provide you with professional and specialized crew, production vehicles, studio and equipment rentals, catering and craft services. And if you are looking for a stylist or a set designer or a food stylist or a photographer in milan just ask us. Should you ever need to use a drone, consider it done. Maybe you need to shoot on a yacht? We’ve done this before as well! In a nutshell… let us PAMPER you on set!