Tommaso Fiscaletti is an Advertising and Fine Art Photographer, with a very interesting portfolio in Landscape an Portrait Photography. He currently lives between Cape Town and Milan. Born in Cattolica (RN) in 1981 and grew up in Pesaro. He began working in a photographic studio in 2001 but soon felt the need to explore his own language, and so began his travels through North Africa and Eastern Europe, which allowed him to complete a number of reportage photographic projects. Both staged works in studio as well as the search for visuals in daily life have critically shaped Tommaso’s project into a body of work that, since 2006, he seen him create photographies that shift between reality and its representation. His work is born of an interest to discuss mankind and existential themes like memories, one’s relationship with nature and human relations. In 2011, he completed a notable video and photographic project, working with Alice Marrollo, under the name LeaFlood. In 2013 he moved to South Africa. In 2016 he began work on a long-term project comprising video installations and photographs, in collaboration with Nic Grobler. “Hemelliggaam or The Attempt To Be Here Now” is a visual archive representing the relationship between mankind and the sky. It includes references that range from the field of astronomy to local science fiction, from indigenous populations to nature itself (focusing on the Western and Northern Cape of South Africa). The project, still in progress, won the CAP prize 2018, The Contemporary African Photography Prize. His work has received several awards since 2004, it has been published in magazines and books, and has been exhibited in private galleries and public spaces like museums, including Museo Santa Maria della Scala in Siena, Palazzo della Permanente in Milan, Museo Cubo Unipol in Bologna, IZIKO South African Museum in Cape Town, to name but a few. Tommaso has also held workshops and taught photography since 2012 at places IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) in Milan and Cape Town Creative Academy in Cape Town.