We are a photographer agency based in Milan and we are proud to have many different skilled artists in our roster. For example we can offer the best selection of Commercial Photographers and Commercial Directors as well. But, if you need a Backstage Director and Photographer we’ve both. Are you looking for a Still Life Photographer for your catalogue or a Food Photographer for your campaign? Then let us provide you with professional and specialized crew. In our Photographer Agency there are also  different artists: fabulous and experienced in Interior Design, Portrait and Fashion, but there are E-commerce and Fine Art professionals too. Last but not least, our fantastic Digital Art department, if you need to visualize a product, a space, a building before they even exist, our artists have the right solution. Among our collaborations there are also Stylists, Home Economists, Set Designers, Props and Set Builders, Graphic Designers and Scenographists, that is what we call Art Department.

ABB Electrification is a video production by Mandala Creative Productions | adv agency Caffeina, executive creative director Domenico Manno, associated creative director Alessandro Lapetina, art director Paolo Guastalla, copy Lidia Strusi | director Nicola Martini, D.O.P. Giacomo Frittelli | producer Barbara Pre, executive producer Alessandra Tatriele, Chicco Tatriele | photographer Andrea Miconi | scenography Gabriele Cavalchi | costumes Paola Tamburelli | make up artist Bianca Bagnoli

Great work in Rome with the Italian National Rugby players and photographer Davide Bellocchio | client Peroni ‘Terzo Tempo’ | adv agency Saatchi & Saatchi Roma | creative director Manuel Musilli | copy Leonardo Cotti | art buyer Rossana Coruzzi


A full service production company makes things easy for you so that you don’t have to involve yourself in the production process any more than you want to. From budgets handling to contract negotiations, from location scouting to casting and art buying, Mandala Creative Productions can offer a full service for stills and motion productions all over Italy and abroad. And much more! Just let us deal with authorizations, permits and insurance on set, with worlwide travel reservations and accomodations, with carnets and visas applications, and with car service and trasportation. Then let us provide you with professional and specialized crew, production vehicles, studio and equipment rentals, catering and craft services. And if you are looking for a stylist or a set designer or a food stylist, just ask us. Should you ever need to use a drone, consider it done. Maybe you need to shoot on a yacht? We’ve done this before as well!