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Marco Marchetta

Marco Marchetta is a still-life and lifestyle photographer based in Milan. He was born in Italy in 1981. He becomes passionate about photography from a young age and he attends various courses to learn the techniques and infinite possibilities of artistic creation. His first working approach as a photographer takes place in theatres of war such as Bosnia Herzegovina (2002) and Kosovo (2004) with the 186st Folgore Division. In 2005 he attends the John Kaverdash School in Milan. Freelance photographer since 2008: he works for furniture magazines or directly for designers and fashion brands, such as Baldi, Harmont&Blaine, Ferrari Scuderia and Cavallino, Rubelli, Seletti. He follows mainly lifestyle, decor and still life works, but also advertising campaigns and storytelling for some television commercials. With the collaboration of a team of specialized professionals, partners, photographers, filmmakers, stylists, he proposes a new way of thinking about the image to tell your story and your future. Through his tools – the eyes, the light, the set, the thought, the hands, the emotion – he tells a story that is the only testimony of reality and beauty. He is a disordered dreamer, full of ideas, projects, interests and passions, sometimes fleeting, used to transposing into images, and not in words, the world and his point of view. He currently lives in Milan.