Brambilla Serrani is a Portrait Photography specialized Studio, composed by Francesca Brambilla and Serena Serrani. In 2006 Francesca and Serena have founded the Studio, defining the visual image of the entire high-food industry in our country and having in the portfolio almost all Italian starred restaurants. Together, they treat the photographic image of over 70 books published with the most prestigious Italian publishers. They are the official photographers of the International Food Congress Identità Golose that takes place in Milan and in the USA. At the same time, they have asserted themselves in portraiture, where the sensitivity and depth of them both are expressed in a gallery of unforgettable portraits of personalities of lifestyle, entertainment and culture. Both became professors at the European Institute of Design (I.E.D.) in Milan: Francesca teaches “Food Photography”, Serena teaches “Post-Production Techniques”. In 2017, in London, they won the international “Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year” award in the “Food in Action” section. Francesca Brambilla was born in Milan and she is graduated at the European Institute of Design (IED). She is specialised in the sectors of jewelery. During these years she has learned a skillful and original utilisation of light to use then in Food photography. With Food Editore, she has directed the photographic department of the publishing company and she has assumed the role of kitchen coordinator, thanks to which she matured an articulated experience in the coordination and supervision of the various professionals that revolve around the image of food. Serena Serrani studied Communication Sciences at the University of Macerata, graduating in Philosophy of Languages and then she has continued her studies with a Master in Photography of Entertainment at the European Institute of Design (IED) in Milan. She has collaborated for a couple of years with the Color Lab 2 where she has acquired a strong expertise in post-production and fine-art printing techniques. She has cooperated with the Atir Theater Company and also she has received Hystrio “Eyes of the scene” as the best theatrical photographer.