Bruna Rotunno is a Photographer and Director, she lives between Europe and Asia. Her artwork includes photography and video. She’is focused on portraits and story telling, exploring and transcending genres and alternating visionary sensibility to the immediacy of reportage. After her degree in psychology, since 1986 she was captured by the magic of photography, especially portrait and fashion. She has shot worldwide advertising campaigns for major international brands as Bmw, Audi, American Express, Samsung, Citroen, Moschino, Zegna, LoroPiana, Peugeot, Telecom, Volkswagen, in collaboration with adv agencies as DDB, OGILVY, EURO RSCG, TBWA, LEOBURNETT, JWT. She’is in collaboration with various international fashion magazines: Vogue, Muse, Schon!, Twill. An important part of her work is the reportages, as she define a cinematographic approach in stories telling of places and emotions. She’is a video maker and commercial director.

Her work has been exhibited in numerous galleries in Europe and Asia.


The Gift of Kings” (Skira, 2018)

Women in Bali” (Silvana editoriale 2016)

The Queen of the Andes” (Skira, 2012)

The Lotus Flower” (Skira, 2010)

The Long Journey of Excellence” (Skira, 2008)

Etno Folk in Cortina” (Renografica, 2007)

Edison La Scala video campaign for Prima Diffusa | Director and DOP Bruna Rotunno | Creative Direction Laura Trovalusci | adv agency Havas Milan | produced by Mandala Creative Productions | editor Francesco Petitti | colorist Giorgia Meacci | post production Videozone | red dress by Stefano De Lellis | styling by Sabrina Mellace | starring Francesca Linnea Ugolini

Bruna Rotunno | Director & DOP

Bruna Rotunno | Director & DOP

Multiverse Episode 1

Bruna Rotunno | Searching for the Blue

Fivelements Habitats City sanctuaries for yoga, sacred arts and plant-based cuisine Director and DOP Bruna Rotunno – original music “To the five points” composed by Eraldo Bernocchi and Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari.

The Island of Healing


The Lotus Flower

Cotton Clouds


Video installation part of the exhibition Another Earth.
Music “Himuro” by Eraldo Bernocchi

Sultan’s Dream

Ton Image