Mandala Creative Productions was founded in 1998 by Alessandra and Chicco Tatriele from their passion for art and their vision for uniting a diverse team of experts toward a common goal to transform ideas into compelling visual representations. With over 20 years partnering with award-winning creative agencies and distinguished global brands, the cofounders built their company with a single focus on “the mastery of creative production.” Blending imagination, intuition and skilful precision, we produce original, authentic visuals that provoke powerful brand impact.

Mandala’s approach brings together a talented production team, hand-picked for each purpose and brand objective, and supported by skilful planning and meticulous attention to detail. Each production is an eloquent journey – a seamless synthesis of creative brief interpretation, location and talent selection, spatial composition, logistical management and artistic direction. Combining intuition with sensibility, our aim is to capture the most memorable visual executions for our partners…

Today, Mandala Creative Productions is a renowned curator of photography, motions, digital art and event management. Our full-service company represents a diverse collection of international photographers and filmmakers whose portfolios range from advertising to lifestyle, fashion, portrait, 3D, fine art, stills and motions. We work with global brands in fashion, food and design to healthcare and wellness, financial services, insurance, hospitality and real estate.
We look forward to partnering with you on your next production.

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Taking inspiration from our name, “Mandala Creative Productions” we embody a unique and artisanal approach with our partners.

As a mandala comes into creation the aim is for everything to be in balance, harmony and connection with a higher purpose.

At Mandala Creative Productions we are driven to precision and execution whilst promoting a unified team where each individual must find their own place within, invoking strength, passion, creativity and love, innovation, self-awareness and a talent for transforming ideas into vision and evocative visuals.