Niccolò Valentino is a director and editor based in Milan. Born in 1989 in Modena, Northern-Italy, he felt a special attraction to the movie camera since he was a child. From then on, he has kept to beat that path by attending DAMS at University of Bologna at first, and then several intensive courses at New York Film Academy and IED – Officine.

Since the beginning he always tried to use images to tell stories and, still now,  whenever he has the chance, it remains his specific approach to filmmaking. 

Over time, he has put together some experiences in the direction of actors – some of which are among the best in Italy. In addition to that, due to his profound passion to sci-fi movies, he is also a kind of nerd filmmaker, keen on the visual effects world.

So, always keeping an eye on cinematic storytelling, he puts his creativity and skills in a wide range of projects: from branded contents to commercial and music videos as well.

His style is versatile, cinematic as much as possible, but always at the service of the project.

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