LSD is a Motions studio, they enjoy producing cinemagraphs, motion graphics, 2D and 3D animations and integrated videos. With a team of directors, artists and producers they have the skills to produce entire campaigns from concept to final edit. Driven by passion and attention to the finest details. This team of creative people are focused on collaborating, pooling their talents to create beautiful visuals. Whether it is CGI, illustration, digital photo manipulation, photography and video. This adventure was born out of our two founders, Marco Casale and Paolo Dall’Ara, fondness for photography and art. Based in Milan, the global capital of fashion and design, their success story continues following the passion for image crafting and constant innovation. They help brands and clients, across different industries, using deep knowledge of digital techniques and technological expertise. They received awards of excellence from the ADCI, EPICA, ACDE and have been profiled in Luerzer’s Archive. | instagram

LSD | client Pirelli ‘Color Edition’

LSD | project Lavazza ‘Star Wars’

LSD | client Errea

LSD | client Nike

LSD | client Nike

LSD | project Prada

LSD | project RayBan