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Ermoli + Odd

The collaboration between Mario Ermoli and ODD comes from far away and, like in the best traditions, it has gone through several phases: from the study phase, to sharing moments of life, to the creative reseach step. With one single common vision, they create photos and videos for different media, from adv campaigns to editorial projects.
Mario Ermoli began his professional photography activity in 1989, by doing portraits of Italian actors in the world of theatre; this research brought him to develop his first solo exhibition. Today he works with important advertising agencies as well as Italian and European Magazines. Nonetheless, his research and curiosity in photography never stop. He is continuing to do solo and collective exhibitions covering various themes. In 2003, he began the exciting experience of teaching photography, specializing in Portraits, at the “Istituto Europeo di Design” of Milan and he is continuing nowadays.

Ermoli + ODD