Chromo is the encounter of a celebrated photographer, and an accomplished videomaker.
Their paths crossed a few years ago while sharing a studio in Rome. Since that day onward the occasions of working together were several and always successful.
The idea behind this duo is that sometimes one plus one does not make just two but a lot more. In this case the sum of two becomes the sum of a strong aesthetic sense, a long experience in productions, thorough technical skills, two photographers, two brainstormers, one director, one director of photography, and an extraordinary editor.
Chromo is the encounter of two points of view to make a new and stronger one.
Chromo was created to describe the present keeping an eye towards a future built upon the respect and dedication that we put in everything we do.
We at Chromo put passion and direction at your service, creating projects with a personal vision and always pushing our boundaries.
Your dreams are our dreams, we are already working for you.