Beniamino Barrese is a DOP and director. Beniamino graduated in Philosophy at Statale di Milano, Cinematography at the National Film and Television School in Beaconsfield, UK, and International Political Economy in King’s College, London. The whole of his diverse interests –from philosophy to politics, radical ecology, music, theatre, circus and performing arts– have always influenced his visual research and his approach to filmmaking. Based in London for 7 years, since 2011 he worked as DoP moving between fiction shorts and features, music videos, documentaries and advertisement, while trying to realize personal projects with 35mm photography, dealing with both political issues (the economic crisis in Athens in 2012-2013) and intimate stories (couples and lovers in London). His first feature length film as a director, the documentary The Disappearance of My Mother, had its debut in Sundance Film Festival in January 2019, was selected by over 100 festivals in 2019, received a small released in Italy, Germany, USA and London, was honoured with the “best Debut Feature” at the Cinema Eye Awards for Nonfiction Filmmaking and was nominated for a European Film Awards. Currently based in his hometown Milano, in the last two years he directed projects for Gucci, Armani, Molteni, Guerlain, Vanity Fair, for some European NGOs, while working on a fiction script and starting to film another documentary.