With almost 20 years experience producing, with a true spirit of teamwork, for the major adv agencies and brands, Mandala Creative Productions have refined all aspects of motion production and can provide any level of project support. Our focus is to tell every unique story in the most distinctive and effective way.

Edison La Scala video campaign for Prima Diffusa | Director and DOP Bruna Rotunno | Creative Direction Laura Trovalusci | adv agency Havas Milan | produced by Mandala Creative Productions | editor Francesco Petitti | colorist Giorgia Meacci | post production Videozone | red dress by Stefano De Lellis | styling by Sabrina Mellace | starring Francesca Linnea Ugolini

Backstage Director Andrea Miconi | Film A Casa Tutti Bene (2019)

Director Niccolò Valentino | Film Reel

Andrea Miconi for Kaspersky, leader in cybersecurity. Technology, motorsport and cybersecurity are closely linked worlds. We want to share, through the words of the female F4 driver Amna Al Qubaisi, this connection and the relevance of data security. For a better and safer world. On and off the track. Watch Amna react to some cybersecurity facts!

Bruna Rotunno | Series Multiverse Ep.1

Bruna Rotunno | Exhibition Women in Bali

Film Director Samir Jacovone | Client Lavazza

Film Director Alex Telfer | Film Reel

Riccardo Bagnoli | Film Mai più Sante, solo Donne

Giulia Bertuletti | Client Kinder

Giulia Bertuletti | Client Kinder

Giulia Bertuletti | Client Kinder

Giulia Bertuletti | Film Corneliani Formalwear

Videomaker Kevin Kok | Film Reel

Alex Telfer | Client Canon

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Niccolò Valentino | Film TIM Impresa Semplice

Niccolò Valentino | Backstage TIM

Niccolò Valentino | Backstage TIM

Niccolò Valentino | Film Orbite Tangenti

Niccolò Valentino | Film Cronache Aliene

Niccolò Valentino | Film Alta Velocitò

Niccolò Valentino | Film Nonno Nanni

Niccolò Valentino | Film Cena per Due