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Farrah Carbonell

Farrah Carbonell pioneers a mesmerizing aesthetic through striking portraits, fearlessly integrating AI’s limitless potential into her work. With an artistic vision shaped by learning the visual language from both in front of and behind the camera through her background as a model and photographer. Initially finding inspiration in the evocative black and white images of photographic masters Lindbergh and Cartier-Bresson, she rapidly cultivated her own minimalist aesthetic with a timeless fashion sensibility. She has been selected for prestigious exhibitions including a L’Oreal showcase in NYC, as she charted new creative territory by fusing AI technology with the art of portraiture.
In all her artistic pursuits, she has the ability to capture the decisive moment, imprinting indelible, hypnotic impressions that have led her to be widely known as The Eye. Her skillful fusion of human emotion and technological innovation redefines portraiture for the digital age.
With global exhibitions from New York to Paris, Dubai to Tokyo featuring her boundary-pushing portraits, she continues expanding the horizons of her medium through solo endeavors and creative collaborations. Farrah Carbonell is a revolutionary force, illuminating the rich complexity of human experience through an interplay of technology and tradition.